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As a practicing Osteopath and Pilates teacher it has been a great boost to my career to have trained with Chael. She has a fantastic knowledge of the body biomechanics and can adapt Pilates exercises for a wide range of people from surfers to bad backs! I loved her enthusiasm and professionalism. Chael really does take time for everyone to understand what pilates is about and how it should be applied to the individual. Working with a wide range of patients myself including hip/knee replacement, pregnancy, asthmatics, altered posture, back pain... it is the quality of Chael’s teachings which made my practice very successful and I am so happy to see people pain-free and walking straighter every day!

- Dr Geraldine van Boxmeer (Osteopath) BSc (Hons) Osteopathy, DO, MAOA.

STOTT PILATES® Intensive instructor training courses provide you with an amazing array of repertoire, with modifications, cues, and teaching tips. All bases are covered, however you learn, with high quality, detailed manuals and instructional DVDs.
Instructor Trainer Chael Hilton is engaging in her delivery of the course material. She gives of herself 100% and takes the time to make sure each individual gets the most out of the Stott programme. I loved the IMP and IR course and I'm going back for more!

- Anne-Marie Henthorn - Tweed Heads, NSW

Dear Chael,
I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated all of your help and support while I was completing my teacher training with you. You were always willing to help whenever I had any questions and made yourself available at any stage. The teacher training was awesome and I am so thankful and proud to have finished the STOTT comprehensive courses. The range in courses that you offered and the flexibility of doing it in a group or privately with you really added to the personal time you took with all of us. I will be forever grateful and can’t wait to do some more continuing education with you and the STOTT training. Thank you always.

- Annette Dickinson

I was privileged to have Chael's instruction for ISP and advanced repertoire training. Chael is knowledgeable, committed to every student, and endlessly encouraging. She was able to arrange training, both group and private, that allowed me to make the best use of my travel time. She also has a personality akin to a female Rove McManus, and a fearless commitment to finding the best approach for every client. I enjoyed and valued my time training with Chael and I would recommend her expertise to any instructor.

- Elisabeth

I already had Pilates teaching experience when I first signed up for the Stott Mat course with Chael.

After the first week-end I was hooked! The classes were well structured. Not only was she funny but she made the learning easy with her many comparisons and unforgettable cues. I loved it so much that I continued on with the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrel and she convinced me to take the exam.

Chael is a fantastic teacher very knowledgeable and always available if we need assistance. The exercises can be used as diagnostic tools. By breaking down every single movement she helps us view the discrepancies so we can better understand every exercise.

If you want to become a Pilates trainer, doing Chael's classes is the only way to go!

- Karel Dimitri

When I undertook training with Chael in the STOTT PILATES Method I had already done several courses and been teaching for a number of years. STOTT PILATES provide far and away the best manuals and most comprehensive support literature I have ever received. Chael’s relaxed but professional approach to delivery is second to none. I would highly recommend the powerful combination of the effervescent Chael and the Stott approach to any teacher wanting to expand their knowledge and any new instructor wanting a solid grounding in the fundamentals of the Pilates Method.

- Keryn Edwards Director/Pilates Instructor, Pilates Powerhouse

On my journey to become a qualified STOTT PILATES instructor, not only did I learn heaps, but the journey itself was fun since I shared many a laugh with Chael. If, then, I were asked to rate Chael as an Instructor trainer in the Stott Method, on a scale of 1 – 10, I would rate her 11 (eleven). Chael exceeds excellence both in her knowledge of the STOTT PILATES Method and in bio mechanics. Couple these attributes with the fact she is a great communicator who has a genuine passion and commitment to help others aspiring to become STOTT PILATES Instructors, attain their goal, then you sense Chael has been blessed with some special gifts. A mentor to all she has trained, I am just one of her many admirers.

- Malcolm

Chael’s one on one pilates teacher training method has greatly helped me understand and incorporate pilates as a training tool to help my clients discover their fitness potential. I can without doubt recommend Chael and the STOTT method of Pilates as the right step into the world of Pilates learning and certification. I greatly benefited from doing individual sessions with her, her training methods were catered to my speed of learning and her friendly and flexible personality kept my mind stimulated. Her knowledge of pilates is vast and approach scientific, I guess I would not have benefited as much from any group learning sessions. If you are looking to teach pilates then Chael is the teacher trainer for you.

- Ronnie Singh

I have been extremely fortunate to have Chael as my trainer throughout my STOTT PILATES Instructor Training.

A lot of Pilates training systems focus on learning exercises - but Chael's knowledge of the STOTT PILATES repertoire, posture and biomechanics challenged me to look past the choreography and 'going through the motions' of the exercises. This really helped to develop my teaching technique, allowing my clients to improve as much as possible during their road to recovery.

Chael is also great fun to train with - there is never a dull moment!

I am so thankful that I found and trained with Chael. I was lucky enough to do the majority of my training on a one-to-one basis, which allowed me to work at my own pace and to thoroughly understand the fundamentals of the STOTT PILATES method.

STOTT PILATES has allowed me to work with a wide range of clients - from high performance athletes, through to rehabilitation of injuries and pre/post natal clients.

Chael has an extremely professional approach to her training, a huge passion for Pilate, and is a highly respected mentor to all those she has trained.

- Sarah Burrows Clinical & Rehabilitative Pilates Services

It took no more than two minutes with Chael Hilton for me to realise that I was in the company of someone very special. Chael is one of those rare people who genuinely shows that she values you and she gives every individual the focused attention and care that we all love to have! Her manner is warm, personal and reassuring, and she oozes integrity. I met Chael in the madly busy world of a Stott Conference - I was the 'new girl' and a complete novice. She literally stood out in a crowd of hundreds because of the way she intuitively connects with people. Further time with Chael only proved how right my initial hunches were, and I am delighted to give her my highest recommendation!

- Cath Cainen, Administrator TPARA (The Pilates & Reformer Academy)
Chael is an amazing Instructor Trainer, I have attended several courses and workshops, even in the most challenging of exercises, Chael manages to find a positive and make you feel relaxed and at ease! The environment she creates is an energetic, fun, yet relaxed workplace where you can learn at your own pace. More, more, please!

- Julie Davies
Chael has been my STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer for a couple of years and I love her enthusiasm. I really look forward to my training sessions with Chael because I know that I will learn something new and be entertained at the same time. I can be assured that I will go back to my clients with some fresh ideas to keep them on their toes. Thank you Chael, you are an inspiration!

- Alison Connell, Bicton, WA

Ode to Chael - I came from a chartered accounting background and after years of high heels and terrible low back problems I discovered pilates. A year after completing my teacher training course and having worked in the corporate world I was searching for a professional approach to my pilates and I was fortunate enough to cross paths with Chael. I wanted a career direction that had depth and credibility and Chael could provide me with the tools to get there.

Her energy and passion is infectious and her knowledge of pilates has so much depth that it continually challenges your thinking. Her professional approach to the pilates world inspires you not to become complacent in your teaching but to keep growing your understanding of the body and the Stott repertoire (whilst having fun of course!).
I come away from our sessions having laughed so hard and learnt so much. Her ability to program for the body is an instinctive gift that lends credibility to the pilates industry. Her experience within the industry also means that a broad range of people can benefit from her teaching ranging from physios to pilates students. When you are learning from someone who is so passionate about what they do it is hard not to be inspired yourself.

Thanks for everything so far Chael!

- Belinda Radalj
I am a physiotherapist and I did my matwork & reformer pilates training with Chael in 2010/11 and now teach pilates regularly. I can't recommend Chael highly enough, both for her incredible knowledge & skills as a pilates practitioner but also as an engaging, funny personality (read more) who turns an intense course into a fun and enjoyable learning experience. Her human observation skills and ability to get the best out of everyone she works with is genius and motivates you to become the best you can be.

Michelle Murphy (BSc Physiotherapy)

I met Chael almost two years ago and I was instantly inspired, motivated and definitely entertained! I was fortunate to have Chael working for the same company I was whilst I was continuing my pilates education. Chael has an amazing ability to explain a concept, read a persons body and cue so efficiently to achieve a desired result. Her courses are so well delivered and educational they make you want more. At the end of 2011 we had to sit an intensive course every weekend all weekend for six weeks! The only thing that kept me sane through this was Chael's awesome instruction and ripper sense of humour. I follow Chael where ever she holds courses now as I truly believe she's one of the best master instructors out there. By far the best I have met. I will continue my education with Chael and feel privileged to have had the opportunity to train with someone who makes me want to learn and somehow makes it fun. Thanks Chael!

- Zoe Lane, Membership Services Co-Ordinator, Live Pilates