Staff Training and Consulting

The CH-ilates team is committed to supporting you and your team of professionals in your ongoing Pilates journey. We can advise on anything Pilates related from learning new repertoire, clarifying basics, and updating skills, to giving your staff cohesive training to promote continuity in your business.

We provide training and information that help to quickly bring staff up to an overall higher level of expertise as well as giving them training on the use of specific equipment and exercises. We make sure we have lots of fun and inspire your staff to enjoy their Pilates instructing while getting their skills up to date and keeping them relevant.

Our workshops will ensure your staff are working towards a single, structured goal and providing your clients with a continuity of care that will help set your business apart from others.

For more information on staff training and consulting please contact the CH-ilates team.

Watching Chael teach is like going to a broadway show! Her intimate knowledge of the pilates method as well as her natural ability to entertain, make participation in her courses a delight. Her anatomical knowledge and advanced observational skills are of professional standard and her passion for Pilates is obvious as you watch her demonstrate and describe each exercise. An enjoyable and insightful experience!

- Pippa Flanagan BSc.Physio, M.Sports Physio - APA Sports Physiotherapist - Director - LIVe Physiotherapy

Chael's staff training sessions at Pure Moves have been highly beneficial to the team. She tailors each session as needed and can address a diverse range of topics. She has helped us with improving group class programming, teaching skills and introducing new repertoire. Thanks Chael!

- Joanna Millard, Pure Moves
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