The CH-ilates Mentoring program is designed as personalised training for students of Pilates who have trained in any syllabus. Students learn effective teaching and cueing strategies, hone their observation skills, supervised teaching practice and learn how to take care of themselves in an energy demanding industry. It is an excellent way to bridge the gap between doing your Pilates instructor course and becoming a great Pilates instructor.

Mentoring with CH-ilates is a dynamic way to support the art of Pilates instruction by focusing on ongoing learning through integrity, credibility and self awareness. Delivered by renowned instructor trainer Chael Hilton and based on her personal experience, it is unique as it inspires students to tap into their personal energy and vitality and learn to harness this and share it with their own students.

Students master the art of combining the extensive knowledge of a Pilates syllabus with their personal inspiration and talent for teaching Pilates. 

$650.00 will give you 5 x one hour private education sessions with Chael in addition to observation and apprenticing hours.  Your program will be tailor made to suit your knowledge and skills.

For more information about our Mentoring program contact the CH-ilates team.
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