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1Are the courses recognised internationally?Becoming an Instructor
2Are there employment opportunities in Pilates?Becoming an Instructor
3Can you please explain the Observation, Practice teaching and Physical Review hours to me?Course Information/Attendance
4Do I get workbooks and materials?Becoming an Instructor
5Do I have to be able to do all of the exercises?Becoming an Instructor
6Do I need teaching experience?Becoming an Instructor
7Do I need to get insurance?Becoming an Instructor
8Do you run-in service/on-site sessions for Pilates instructing?Becoming an Instructor
9How do I apply to do the instructor trainer course?Attire/Preparation Required
10How do I book an exam?Post-Course/Exam-Preparation
11How do I go about “auditing” a course?Post-Course/Exam-Preparation
12How long after the course finishes can I start teaching?Post-Course/Exam-Preparation
13How will I know if I'll like it? How will I know if this is what I want to do?Attire/Preparation Required
14I have an injury, will I be able to participate in the instructor training if I'm recovering from injury?Course Information/Attendance
15I'm getting bored with the repertoire, what can I do to increase my knowledge/skills?Booking a Workshop