Continuing Education

At CH-ilates we offer the MERRITHEW™ Workshops & Continued Education programs in STOTT PILATES®, CORE™ and ZEN*GA™, which is unlike any other offered in the Pilates industry. It is open to both new students who want to experience Pilates for the first time, as well as qualified instructors who want to update and maintain their STOTT PILATES certification.

Our workshops cover a vast range of interesting and exciting programs utilising the mat, small equipment as well as the larger equipment. We have workshops designed to enhance your knowledge and understanding of musculoskeletal conditions, special populations as well as repertoire based workshops. They are presented in formats from lectures to exercise-based class utilising techniques, exercises and methods that will help support your Pilates instructing. All exercise-based workshops incorporate the STOTT PILATES Five Basic Principles along with cueing and correcting tips for teaching technique.

When you train with us you become a part of the inspired community of over 33,000 people worldwide who are trained in the internationally renowned STOTT PILATES method of exercise!

The workshops are hosted by Bodyworks Subiaco.  Please contact their team for more information on our Continued Education workshops, or find the workshop schedule here.


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